Kingdom of Darzia

Darzia is a nation of diverse landscapes and cultures. The kingdom encompasses a large contintent full of jungles, savannas, mountains, and desert. Due to the teeming wildlife and exotic treasures found throughout the kingdom, it has attracted settlers from various corners of the world over the centuries. Most of them came to temporarily hunt or scavenge the landscape, but the brutal nature of Darzia ensnared them instead.

More information about the kingdoms beyond Darzia and the world they inhabit can be found in the "Broken Balance" series by Jayden Woods.

Darzian Jungle

Few people venture into the jungles of Darzia unless necessary. There are many jungles in the realm, but the largest and most central jungle is referred to as the Darzian Jungle. The forest teems with strange and dangerous creatures, such as griffins and wilderhorses. Even the prey of the jungle is crafty and quick to escape capture.

Castle Krondolee

The kingdom of Darzia is ruled by a large number of royal familiies, or Houses, each with a claim to the throne. To manage this complex system, each House elects a member of their familiy to serve as House Leader. All of the House Leaders meet regularly in Krondolee for a meeting called the Royal Duma. Together, the Royal Duma elects which House will rule as King or Queen. The spouse of the ruling House is referred to as Grand Prince or Grand Princess. Once elected, a king or queen’s vote is worth half of the entire Duma in any executive decision.

Wild Gods and Guardians

The gods of Darzia’s world are not fully understood, even by its inhabitants. Numerous gods rule the planet, often competing with each other, with a wide range of powers and responsibilities. The gods rarely explain themselves to humans. But most people understand that there are two types of gods: those of “turmoil” and those of “balance.”

Gods of turmoil, AKA Wild Gods, are most active among humans, because the Wild Gods embody the powerful range of human emotions: bliss, rage, mischief, greed, love, and so on.

Several Wild Gods are prominent characters in the “Broken Balance” novels. These include:

~Belazar: god of wrath and destruction. Belazar controls fire and the movement of the moon.
~Friva: god of bliss. Friva controls wind and the movement of the sun.
~Lokke: god of mischief. Few people understand Lokke’s powers, even the other gods. Lokke’s abilities are revealed in the novel “Sands of Hanubi.” But everyone knows Lokke likes to spread mischief wherever he/she goes.
~Rajiri: god of fear. Rajiri controls plagues and poisons

Gods of balance, AKA Guardians, exist to keep the Wild Gods in check. The strength of their abilities fluctuates in response to the powers of the Wild Gods. They claim to have no emotion, and behave only as reason dictates.

More information about the gods of turmoil and balance can be found in the “Broken Balance” series by Jayden Woods.