About the creation of "Serafina's Saga"

"Serafina's Saga" is a project created mostly by myself--Jenny Gibbons--an artist and author who also writes novels under the name Jayden Woods. It began when I decided to bring my stories to life using whatever means necessary. Already a graduate of the University of Southern California's Screenwriting program, I set out to learn Animation. Once I felt ready to start animating, I wrote the script for "Serafina's Saga: Episode 1." Next I started drawing, and I practically didn't stop until over half a year later when the episode was finished. I released the animated "Episode 1" in Fall 2013, along with the visual novel that concluded the story.

Animation has been a fantastic adventure, though I doubt I will animate another full episode unless I can get a larger team together. Through this project I have found that I greatly enjoy working with visual novels, which allow me to blend everything I enjoy doing together: writing, drawing, and composing music.

Because I work in a wide array of mediums, I have created different websites for different aspects of my work. Please use the links below if you'd like to read/view/listen to more of my work beyond the scope of "Serafina's Saga."



I continue to write novels under the pseudonym Jayden Woods, so please visit my author website if you'd like to read more of my books. If you're interested, you can follow my blog, Tales of Mercia, where I regularly post supplemental scenes to my stories or vignettes for individual characters.


Jayden Woods books






I have created "Woodsy Studio" for my ongoing work in the world of games and interactive stories. To get the latest updates about my visual novels, take a look at my Tumblr.


You can listen to my music on my Bandcamp page. You may listen to all the tracks on the website for free. But if you're interested in supporting my work financially, please purchase the album for download!



Jenny has been working entirely from out-of-pocket funds. To support her work, or maybe even an animated "Episode 2," please donate money using the Paypal button below!


Or, donate by purchasing the soundtrack for a minumum of $7 on Bandcamp!

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